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“Flight. The modern science problems” in April 2013

As a part of the XIII International scientific conference of young scientists and students “Flight.

The modern science problems “April 3, 2013, the Aviation English Department of Institute of Air

Navigation was held the English section« Aviation English and flight safety ».

Participants in the meeting were: Olena Petrashchuk – the Professor of Institute of Air Navigation, the

Head of the Section, Liliya Korol –the lecturer, the secretary o f the Section, Department staff and

graduate students, as well as students of the 1-3 courses of different areas of study of the Institute of

Air Navigation.

More than 12 participants represented their reports and presentations. During the round language

training of aviation personnel issues, international standards of aviation English as well as their impact

on safety were discussed. So, there were presented different reports that consider the problem of

double significance of radio in English history to the approval of international standards in aviation

English, and the most significant causes of aviation crashes, including Tenerif accident. In addition, there

was a report about the most famous foreign universities, specialized in teaching aviation English. All

reports have been prepared under the guidance of lecturer aviation English. Among the participants five

interesting reports were selected: the reports of Angela Bodachevska, Alexei Onishchenko, Helen

Lemkin, Anna Sushynska andNickola Korenev.

We congratulate the winners and thank everyone for participation.

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