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Korol Liliya

Korol Liliya – lecturer of Aviation English Department. She has finished Kyiv National Linguistic University and recieved a Master degree in philology, becoming a certified philologist, teacher of English and German. She has been working in the Department since graduation from university., thus having an overall teaching experience of four years.

Hobbies and interests: British culture, English discourse in computer videogames, fantasy and science fiction, web design.

Favourite authors: Strugatskie brothers, M. Bulgakov, M. Proust, Max Frei, Terry Prattchet etc. 

She can be contacted via social networks: http://vk.com/matroskina_li     https://www.facebook.com/leila.matroskina

Responsibilities: scientific seminars and conferences secretary, technical support for Department website.

e-mail: matroskina88@gmail.com

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