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Petrashchuk Olena Petrivna – doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the English Philology Department, headed the Department of aviation English at National aviation University from 2009 to 2015. She is the author of over 100 publications, including scientific articles, monographs, textbooks, manuals, dictionaries, guidelines, training courses for specialists of the aviation industry, the owner of three registered inventions in aviation English , including English language Test for aviation professionals, accredited by the State aviation service of Ukraine.

In 1977 she graduated with honors from the Dnepropetrovsk state University, where she began to study the problems of teaching English for special purposes and test control. So, the thesis O. P. Petrashchuk was devoted to the problem of designing tasks for the test in the English language for teaching students of mathematical faculties.

In 1991she defended her thesis at the Department of the Kiev state pedagogical Institute of foreign languages (now Kyiv national linguistic University), devoted to the problem of teaching methods of professional vocabulary for medical students.

In her doctoral thesis (2000) Professor Petrashchuk proposed the concept of communicative directional test that most accurately appraises the level of knowledge in the language while communicating in real-life conditions.

Professor Petrashchuk has more than 30 years of teaching experience in higher education, including Kyiv national linguistic University and the Academy of pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. Under her leadership, 8 PhD theses and 1 doctorate were defended.

In different years Professor Petrashchuk participated and coordinated several international projects, including projects Fund “Revival” (1994), British Council (1997-2001), UN (2001-2005), Lancaster University (UK, 2008-2010).

Since 2002 Professor Petrashchuk has been studying the issue of the introduction of new international requirements in English for the professionals in the aviation industry, and participates in most of the events devoted to this issue under the auspices of the International civil aviation organizations (ICAO). In 2005-2008 she was the head of the working group on English Regional development Association of air navigation (COUNCIL).

From June 2009 to January 2015 Professor Petrashchuk headed the Department of aviation English at National aviation University. On her initiative the section “Vocational education” was founded in the journal Bulletin of the NAU, which has the status of a specialized publications in the specialty “Teaching science”. Professor Petrashchuk is a member of the editorial Board of the scientific journal Bulletin of science, a member of the specialized Council NAU on the dissertation. At the Department of aviation English postgraduate education operates in specialty 13.00.04 – theory and methods of professional education.

As a recognized expert in the field of methodology of the English language teaching and testing Professor Petrashchuk provides professional advice to institutions and enterprises of the aviation industry on the organization of the educational process, in particular, the State enterprise air traffic of Ukraine (UkSATSE), “Ukrainian helicopters”, State enterprise “international Airport “Boryspil” and others.

Under the supervision of Professor Petrashchuk tutorials for aviation English for air traffic controllers, engineers, managers in the field of aviation were developed, recommended by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. Also the Test of English for aviation personnel (TAMA), a format which meets the requirements of ICAO was developed. Test TAMA was accredited by the state aviation administration of Ukraine. Today, this test is used to determine the level of English language proficiency on a scale of ICAO for air traffic controllers and flight crew.

Professor Petrashchuk is the author of training courses for teachers of aviation English, as well as for examiners of the English language proficiency in accordance with the requirements of ICAO. She many times did courses in radiotelephony and methods of aviation English training, crew resource management (CRM), the role of the human factor in safety, and studied foreign experience in the training of future pilots (Spain) and managers (Germany).

Professor Petrashchuk was awarded by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine: award for excellence in education, and also owns many international certificates , which provide evidence of continuing professional development in various areas of professional activity.

e-mail: Petrachuk_e_p@hotmail.com

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